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The article is based on the idea of research as a nodal component in the sociologist´srole. In this sense, it describes the sociological research practice in relation to the workwith theories and data in the investigative graduation works about youth, which weredeveloped in the sociology undergraduate plans of the Universidad del Valle and the UniversidadNacional in Bogota between 1988 and 2008. The documentary analysis from aquantitative approach is the main design of the methodological strategy deployed inthe data construction process. The results help to clarify theoretical and methodologicalapproaches in a set of graduation works according to the university and the periodobserved.
Vélez Quintero, A. (2014). Theory and Data in Sociological Student Research Practices on Youth: Universidad del Valle and Universidad Nacional (1988-2008). Sociedad Y Economía, (26), 185–212.