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The history of agreements and disagreements between feminism and other social struggleshas several decades of existence. Probably it is part and parcel of feminism itself. Given thegrowing interest on this subject, intersectionality studies become necessary to recover historiesof feminism that pay attention to it. This paper is a contribution to that endeavour.It analyzes the particular experience that embodied the Argentine national left, specificallythe Frente de Izquierda Popular, during the process of political radicalization in the contextof the emergence of the so–called second wave of feminism. The article highlights thestakes, difficulties, marches and counter–marches that the Frente de Izquierda Popular hadto go through in its attempt to embrace the feminist struggle.

Catalina Trebisacce, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires–Argentina

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Trebisacce, C. (2013). A Specter is Haunting the National Left. The Second–Wave Feminism and Political Struggle in Argentina in the seventies. Sociedad Y Economía, (24), 95–120.