Sociedad y economía follows the COPE guidelines for changes in authorship.

Changing the author list after submission requires agreement from all authors. This includes additions, deletions, and changes in ordering. Requests must come from the corresponding author along with an explanation of how any added authors contributed to the work and why author(s) are being added/removed after the initial submission. The corresponding author must also provide to Sociedad y economía documentation verifying that all authors, including any being added, deleted, or reordered, have given written consent to the change(s). Authorship change requests are subject to Sociedad y economía approval; we may require validation of authorship contributions from an institutional official.

Sociedad y economía does not generally consider requests to add or remove authors between editorial acceptance and publication of the article. If there are special circumstances that apply to your article such that a post-accept authorship change is needed, please contact the journal office. These requests require approval by the journal's editorial team.

In the case of an authorship dispute, the journal will not arbitrate. If the authors are unable to resolve the dispute themselves, we will defer the issue to the authors' institution(s) in accordance with COPE guidelines. The journal will abide by institutional recommendations following authorship investigations, with rare exception.

If we encounter delays resolving pre-publication authorship issues - e.g., if pre-publication authorship disputes are not resolved in a timely fashion, or if we require but have difficulty obtaining an institution's input - Sociedad y economía may withdraw or reject the submission. It is the authors' responsibility in such cases to follow-up with one another or with the relevant institutional official(s) in order to resolve any pending issues. Sociedad y economía social may consider a resubmission if/when the issue is resolved.

Authorship changes after publication are addressed via Corrections, except in rare circumstances.

We will update author bylines via silent republication (i.e., without an accompanying Correction notice) to reflect name changes of transgender or non-binary authors. Other name change requests may be granted at the journal's discretion.