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This compilation of Kari Polanyi Levitt economist trials produced at different times and circumstances1, is a good way to approach to the work of two authors, father and daughter, which-beyond family ties and parónimos- names are related also intellectually. The first, Karl Polanyi (1886-1964), is a sufficiently recognized in intellectual and academic circles to have to say much about it here figure; the second, Kari Polanyi Levitt, less known among us, He is professor emeritus of economics at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and has behind it a valuable work, particularly on the Canadian economy and problems of economic development of the Caribbean anglosajón.

Pedro Quintín Quilez

Professor e pesquisador da Universidad del Valle, Cali-Colômbia
Quintín Quilez, P. (2014). From the great transformation of the large financialization: the Polanyian affiliatio. Sociedad Y Economía, (27), 227–232. Retrieved from