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This papers aims at sheding light on a specific issue of non-violent collective action against war in Colombia, the high cost that has been paid by those who are involved in it. The analysis focuses on two cases that occurred at the beginning of 2005: the paramilitary attack against the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó (Antioquia), and the guerrilla take over of Toribío (Cauca). In order to carry out this analysis, concepts from the study fields of Collective Action and Non Violence are used. The analysis will be based on primary information from newspapers and some complementary sources.
Hernández Lara, J. (2007). La práctica de la no violencia y su costo en dos episodios: una masacre paramilitar en San José de Apartadó y una toma guerrillera en Toribío. Sociedad Y Economía, 1(13), 27–43.