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This article presents a characterization of academic production done about the dynamicsof urban violence in Medellin between 2010 and 2015. For this purpose, the main theoreticalapproaches present in research, the methodologies used and the most recurrentexplanatory hypotheses are identified. The variables in terms of actors, modalities ofvictimization, territories and populations that have suffered the impact of violence andforms of unarmed civil resistance are also identified. At the end, some topics for futurework are established on issues such as: damages to population groups and social sectors;the role of the media and construction of representations; the relationship between armedpolitical conflict and criminal dynamics; and citizens’ resistance. The study alsoidentifies the need for establishing more comparative work.

Irene Piedrahita Arcila

Anthropologist and a master's in political science. Instituto de Estudios politicians Universidad de AntioquiaHegemony, wars and conflict research group

Yuri Gil Ramírez

Sociologist and master's degree in political science. PhD student in Humanities andsocial sciences. Corporation RegionCitizenship, conflict and social policies research group
Piedrahita Arcila, I., & Gil Ramírez, Y. (2017). Polyphonic Readings of Urban Violence: State of the Art on Research’s Done in Medellin Between 2010 and 2015. Sociedad Y Economía, (32), 147–170.