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This paper is aimed to explain the dynamics and the social conflict process through the processes of orientation, actions, strategies, interaction and reception in local and regional dynamics; which are considered to explain the dynamics of the process of social conflict in Marmato, Caldas (2007-2012). The following questions are posed: How do actors and organizations interpret and construct a conflictive situation? How do the actors involved dis- pute their interests and seek solidarity and legitimacy from broad sectors of society? The methodology consisted of a case study based on a series of interviews with local leaders and students, review of written statements, videos and virtual pages, along with a literature review that allowed an in-depth reconstruction of the case. It was concluded that the endogenous character of the social struggle, added to the conflicts that precede the mega mining conflict, and the role played by external sectors, it will be fundamental to build an articulated dynamic around specific living conditions that local actors created around traditional small-scale mining.

Martínez Torres, E. (2018). From social conflict to political contest in Marmato, Caldas. An analysis based on collective orientations. Sociedad Y Economía, (34).