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Interpret the logic of violence in local contexts that have experienced high rates of homicidal violence-as is the city of Pereira- it constitutes one of the priorities of the Colombian state to achieve a territorial peace that is stable and lasting. The relational sociology of Pierre Bourdieu allows to decentre the insight to the criminal phenomenon and recognize the structural logic that permits its reproduction through violent social practices institutionalized in the local context. Thus, the analysis constructed from an interinstitutional investigation of qualitative cutting, allowed to recognize not only investigations built on violence but also interpret the existence of a subfield of the illegal economy as the articulator node that converge legal, illegal and grey agents which have generated endemic violences of incalculable impact.

Martínez Herrera, L. A. (2017). Post-agreetment challenges: homicidal violence and violent social practices in the city of Pereira. Sociedad Y Economía, (33).