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The book consists of the presentation of three commissions study on violence that marked a pattern over the last decades in Colombia. The first, Call National Commission Investigating the Causes and Present Situations of Violence in the National Territory (the name we will simplify as a Research Commission) was launched during the first half of the National Front, ie, between May 1958 and January 1959; the second, the Commission called violentólogos the years 1986 and 1987, produced the book Colombia: violence and democracy; and third, the work undertaken by the Centre for Historical Memory, created in 2007, and has produced so far a little more than 25 books and a great report called Enough. What they have in common is that these commissions is government agencies. As the author himself says at the beginning of the book during the last fifty years or more, but there were other committees choose these three as the most paradigmáticas.El study of these committees is carried out based on the problem to see what way "technologies or institutional construction artifacts historical memories about what happened in Colombia since the 1940s until today" question. The book is broadly agrees with what theme the construction of historical memory in Colombia.

Alberto Valencia Gutiérrez

Professor e pesquisador da Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colômbia.
Valencia Gutiérrez, A. (2014). Past and present of violence in Colombia. Sociedad Y Economía, (27), 233–236. Retrieved from