On the Responsability in Aristotelian Ethics

Kteherine Esponda


If we consider the circumstances which define the voluntary in action, itis possible to ask: on what conditions we can say that someone is morallyresponsible when acting? To answer this, the article is divided into foursections: (i) to explain the conditions voluntary, involuntary and nonvoluntaryof human action; (ii) to deepen the triad ‘wish, deliberation, choice’as part of the voluntary; (iii) to analize on what case it is possible to recognizeresponsibility for voluntary actions; (iv) to reflect about the importance ofthe agent’s character in the responsibility when acting. It is possible to talkabout responsibility in aristotelian theory of action, by seeing the connectionwe can establish between our comprehension of responsibility and whatAristotle says on actions can be praised or blamed.

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